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A new and simple way to manage your startup subscriptions, keep track of your revenue metrics and grow faster with focus on your business.

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Build your SaaS products fast

Recurrent subscriptions get easy with Subspot, and you will not pay until you grow!

We grow as you do

We know that creating a product is complicated, but we will make it easier. Your first subscriptions will be free forever, then you will pay as you grow!

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How Subspot works

Keep free of payments management in three simple steps.

Configure yout Plans

Settle your plan's versions, custom pricing and payment periodicity.

Integrate the API

Make calls to our services and we will process them lightning fast.

Get instant Metrics

Review real-time analytics of your business, and receive email notifications.

Daily report

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Enterprise features for startups.


Set multiple plan versions and experiment with pricing to find your optimal model


Expand clients confidently maintaining former pricing to maximize your strategy

Payments the easy way

Track every transaction

Get granular precision on every movement of your revenue, expansions and contractions.

Get Exact Reports

Know your current state on your weekly, monthly or annual goals. Percentages really matter.

Export Billing Data

Make accountability easy, gathering all your billing datasheets in a single place.

Experiment with your pricing plans

Pay as you grow, no billing upfront

Forget about cards, financials is on us

Integrate with Subspot

We have created a very simple but powerful API to give your business the ownership, while we provide lightning-fast transactions responses.

Private Key Auth

Our services are thoroughly secure under the most extended standards.

Financial data is encrypted and saved outside of our domain logic, following the most rigorous certifications.

Extremely Fast

We are very focused on provide excellence on our services.

Data is provided with accordance of industry standards, and you will not even notice we are there.


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